Wipeable/hand washable if your dog gets muddy or is particularly ‘drooly’ .

Available in different colours and with a pattern which makes your dog look friendly.

The PCW Range has three layers of material and is very soft and cushioned.

The PCW Range has a centrally fastening clasp which is adjustable and easy to fit on wriggly/hairy dogs.

If your dog regularly gets wet, muddy or is particularly drooly, this range would be better suited as the PCW material is easy to clean.

If you have a young dog/puppy or a dog not used to a Headcollar, we would recommend this Range.


The Leather must be looked after with regular treatment to keep the hide in good condition and to feed and nourish the Leather.

The Leather will become supple and soften with treatment and use. If looked after, the Leather will last a long time and is an investment piece.

If your dog is regularly getting wet, muddy, drooly etc., we would recommend the PCW Range which is wipe-able and easier to maintain, unless you are prepared to treat/nourish the Leather on a regular basis.

The Leather range has brass fittings and a buckle fastening and is lined with a soft Leather