I just wanted to say WOW!!!!

Charlie with his new Dogmatic collar
Charlie with his new Dogmatic collar
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I just wanted to say WOW!!!!  I have today received my 2nd Dogmatic Headcollar (first one was the wrong size), and all I can say is awesome!!

I have 2 dogs, my older dog, already has a head collar, and I am fine with the fit and the design for her, but not for my new rescue dog, the other head collars just wouldn't fit. He is a Collie cross, but his muzzle is long and very thin. He is a nightmare to walk around other dogs, and the other head collars, just kept getting in his eyes, whilst attempting to control him.

I have taken them out today (couldn't wait to try it out!) Charlie with his new Dogmatic collar, and oh what a lovely walk we had, ok he still attempted to get to the dog on the other side of the road, but I was confident this time, I wouldn't be hurting him, whilst trying to have a nice walk. I looked at him and the Dogmatic stayed in place, no where near his eyes.

Thank you for all your help with sizing, I would highly recommend this product, it does it's job perfectly.

No more sore arms and shoulders for me, just nice walks.

Thanks again,