...she can eat, drink, pant etc. REALLY GREAT..

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I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU


 I volunteer for UK German Shepherd Rescue and have a dog that Barks at other dogs, My trainer recommended the headcollar and I bought one- they were reasonably priced, look good are easy to put on.

Lia is nervous and aggressive with other dogs, she would back of if any responded but her barking is incessant and she will stare at another dog until it looks then she will lunge- she had never attacked and its all for show! Anyhow this makes me nervous- GSDs already have an unfair stereotype and I don’t wish to add to it! I took her to training, got her Dogmatic fitted and she barked at the other dogs only ONCE the whole time we were there, the reason- because she couldn’t stare! I took her out yesterday, she saw another dog and I asked her to watch me, I turned her head and she didn’t bark AT ALL!

Other positives- the collar doesn’t look like a muzzle- due to pattern, easy to put on/take off, doesn’t ride up over her eyes, she can eat, drink, pant etc... REALLY GREAT

Anyhow I’ve recommended these to other friends who have dog reactive dogs and hopefully these can do wonders as mine has for me I’m REALLY happy with it.

Louise D