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So a bit of an update. I got injured playing  football on Saturday afternoon. So instead of our usual brisk walk it was a very slow hop/limp along the river. Using the dogmatic has allowed me to still take him out for a (very slow) walk, which before would of been difficult as he usually has one walking speed.


I received the Dogmatic head collar and Training lead yesterday, Thanks so much for your help and fast delivery. I must say I am very impressed with the quality of the product. Especially the lead! It is nice and easy to grip and comfortable to hold. The quality of the fixings have a good weight to them and feel like they will last.


I tried out the head collar for the first time last night and after getting used to a new feeling Ralph You can see the difference already. He was quite good on the lead anyway but easily distracted by other dogs, birds and squirrels.


So far I have found to be far more easier to control, there seems to be a lot less stopping and sniffing as his head is always up and wanting to walk beside me. I am looking forward to seeing how he gets on with it over the next months


I will try and get some pictures for you with him showing off his new accessories!


I can see why so many people have recommended this product which I will now be doing too!


Thanks again,


Dean Noble

Project Co-ordinator

Bamboo Distribution