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I’m emailing on behalf of my Mum Krissi.  She would like to submit the attached photo and comments to be added to the Photo Gallery or Recommendations section of your website.  Comments are below in blue - 


Just to tell everyone, I spotted two ladies out with their dogs in Peterborough just before Christmas, “Hi" I said "I see you are fans of the dogmatic too."  They laughed and said “We are Dogmatic!”.  Yes, it was Zoe and Susan and I was delighted to be able to tell them in person how I could not do without their wonderful collar.

This is our beautiful boy, Bruno, born of an Inuit husky mother and a german shepherd father.  He is a huge and powerful dog and as I walk with wheels, I would not be able to take him out if I did not have the help of the Dogmatic collar.  He trots along happily beside my wheels.  Thank you again and it was great to meet you in person.