Endorsement of the DOGMATIC Headcollar for Halifax RSPCA Animal Home.
By Kathy Townsend MIACE

Kathy Townsend MIACE
"I have a lifetime’s experience with dogs, have canine behaviour qualifications, am a professional dog walker and have comprehensive experience of rehabilitation of special needs dogs from rescue kennels"



Rudi, our 20 month old German Shepherd, has been taking me for walks for the past 18 months!  Today, our 9 year old daughter held the lead on his morning walk and had total control, thanks to Dogmatic.  She was chuffed to bits because she loves her dog but could never walk him, he was too strong on his normal collar. I think you have changed both doggy and daughter's life!!

Huge thanks!

Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our new Dogmatic headcollar.

I have attached a couple of high resolution scans of my very proud daughter walking Rudi in a local forest.
This was previously impossible prior to obtaining the Dogmatic head collar.

Dogmatic (UK) Ltd TOPS the Headcollar test !

Dogmatic (UK) Ltd TOPS the Headcollar test !
Dogmatic (UK) Ltd TOPS the Headcollar test !
‘The Dogmatic fitted perfectly, didn’t ride up into my dog’s eyes, didn’t leave any marks and worked brilliantly…. I was really impressed with the Dogmatic because it transformed his behaviour and he now walks fantastically. I now use it whenever I’m walking through town or at shows. I would definitely recommend it.’
Dogmatic are delighted to report on yet more success with their revolutionaryHeadcollar.

Following a six month trial on six Headcollars in Your Dog Magazine, the Dogmatic was the only one to achieve maximum marks and was hailed as the ‘Your Dog Choice’!
Included in the test on the six Headcollars was appearance, ease of use, comfort and durability. The recently launched Padded Cushioned Webbing Dogmatic was trialled and the comments included:


Dogmatic also offer a full range of collars, half check collars, training and trigger hook leads.

There is a 50% Discount on some selected Collars and Leads.

Dogmatic UK Ltd featured in Scunthorpe Telegraph !!

Dogmatic UK Ltd featured in Scunthorpe Telegraph !!
Dogmatic UK Ltd featured in Scunthorpe Telegraph !!
We are proud to be featured in this Business Supplement from Scunthorpe Telegraph

Dogmatic Ltd in the Lincolnshire Journal

Dogmatic Ltd in the Lincolnshire Journal
Dogmatic Ltd in the Lincolnshire Journal
Mother and daughter team Susan and Zoe Lewsley are
the unlikely inventors of a product that has become the
industry standard. SUE MASON reports.
 I have used the Dogmatic in training Holly, a dog for whom I am fostering in an attempt to try and give her the chance of being re-homed after 6 months in kennels.
Initially she was a very demanding dog who pulled very strongly when on a lead and was aggressive towards other dogs.
To begin with I used a nylon halter on her which she still pulled against and because of the design of this halter it would ride up under her eyes and dig into her muzzle.
I have found this a problem with all the other halter types I have used. Some dogs learn not to pull against a halter but others continue to pull against it just as badly as pulling against a lead, the only difference being that the halter allows the owner to have the strength to hold onto the dog in demanding situations.
However ideally a halter should be used as an instrumental tool for use in correcting any problems the dog may have but also, just as importantly, be comfortable for the dog to wear. If a dog feels pain around the muzzle when in an excitable or aggressive situation it can become a self perpetuating cycle of associating a particular situation with a painful experience, which would continue to cause anxiety in the dog rather than teaching it to remain calm.
  I have been very pleased with the results I have obtained from using the Dogmatic during this Test.
I have found that the Dogmatic does not ride up under the dogs eyes – as the strap used for connecting it to the lead is separate from the muzzle strap and therefore pulls the muzzle strap tight but not back.
The combination of straps which hold the neck strap to the muzzle strap are very supportive which must give the dog a feeling of security and the neck has a normal buckle and hole combination the same as used in normal leather collars.
The strength of the leather helps in keeping the shape of the headcollar which means it is much easier to put on and because of the feeling of firm support the dog seems to accept the headcollar much more easily.
The leather is very supple from day one and will improve rather than deteriorate with age and if looked after should last for at least a dog’s lifetime.
Aesthetically the headcollar is very pleasing to look at and there is a choice of shade (black/brown) and of different metal fittings.
 As I am a professional dog walker and behaviourist I know that many people I come into contact with are not satisfied with the present cloth/webbing headcollar designs but have had no alternative choice to date.
I think the Dogmatic is a very well thought out design and I will certainly recommend it as my headcollar of preference to both clients and friends and have every intention of purchasing one for my own use in the near future.