DOGMATIC success continues accross the Globe!!

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Dogmatic Headcollar.


I chose the Dogmatic original leather Headcollar for both looks and strength...


It was recommended to me by another Great Dane owner, as the only type of Headcollar where the nose strap doesn't get in the dogs eyes, and I can confirm that it has a perfect fit for Danes.

My Great Dane girl, Vinnie, is a rescue dog with a sad history, and despite
a year of intensive training, I've had to realise that she is still too hard
to handle in certain situations - like when she spots another dog or a cat
on our walks. A Dane is strong enough to pull you through a hedge - I know
this from personal experience!!

With the Dogmatic Headcollar I now have much more control, and I no longer
have to worry about what might happen if I walk her in a crowded place.
The best part is the very short time it took her to get used to wearing the
collar - it gives her no discomfort at all, and she even willingly puts her
nose in the collar when it's time to get dressed for a walk!

I chose the original leather Headcollar for both looks and strength.

All in all - thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price! And fast
overseas shipping too!

Kind regards
 Christel, Denmark

Dogmatic reaches Brazil!

I just want to let you know that the collars are working great here in Brazil.


I can now walk both my dogs to their favourite playground with no stress!

Dogmatic reaches Brazil!