It is the best money we've ever spent !

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A photo of my mother-in-law, she was diagnosed with emphysema 10 years ago and has never been able to walk Lola on her own because she is too strong thanks to Dogmatic she is now able to walk Lola on her own.

It is the best money we've ever spent, our dog Lola was diagnosed with a build up of calcium on her vertebra crushing a disk she's been in a cage for 6 weeks and previously a real live wire, she literally walked us, so her whole life had to change, one of our main concerns was her walks and pulling on the lead, we ordered the head collar thinking she'd hate it, we tried her before

on the "Halti" harness and she spend her whole walk trying to rub it off, leaving bald patches on her head & chin. We put the dogmatic harness on, she was not happy about it at first but soon learnt that it doesn't stop her from sniffing and it's now a real pleasure to walk her without the worry of her pulling her back out.

Thanks x Allison